Home for the Holidays – Safety Energy Locks – December 13th Online Self Help (2023)




Simply Self Help with Sara Harper – Home for the Holidays Self Help

One hour of Self Help via Zoom, includes 3 months of online replay access.

♥️ Home for the Holidays
Time For Giving Forgiveness…
Time to Let Go Bitterness & Grudges

Giving Forgiveness & Let Go Grudges
Time to share Attitudes of Love & Understanding

~ Safety Energy Lock 12 Conscious immortality/ Overseer
~ Safety Energy Lock 13 Imaginative intelligence
~ Safety Energy Lock 20 Perpetual Consciousness
~ Safety Energy Lock 23 Destiny/Soul of Man
~ Second Depth
~ Middle & Little Fingers
~Time to Practice the Art Together

When: Wednesday, December 13th @ 9PM EST (New York time)

Questions? Contact Organizer below.
Debi Rappaport
Email: calmtouch@gmail.com
Phone: 541-973-5779