Free your Back, Neck & Shoulders from the Weight of the World – February 12th 2022



Two hour webinar presented in English by Sara Harper

Release the Weight of the world off One’s Back

FEAR is the Core of all attitudes.

It Burdens the Back Exhausting the Natural Flow

FEAR Overwhelms the Immune System Creating Accumulation & Stagnation

We will look at how to Energize, Support, (Nourish) and Unburden our 4th Depth Fears with Flow.

  • Lumbar Circle
  • Bladder Function Energy Flow
  • Kidney Function Energy Flow
  • Reverse and Increase the 4th Depth
  • Angel Wing
  • Mediator, Gall Bladder, Liver, & Heart

Mediate and have the Gall to live your True Hearts path!