BE Resilient – Balance Relax Harmonize with Jin Shin Jyutsu (August 6 2022 Webinar)




Two hour webinar presented in English by Sara Harper & Jill Pasquinelli

Stress and Anxiety Burden the body
Living with stress has become the new norm.
This webinar will empower you with skills to navigate through these times.

Stress is caused by physical, mental, or emotional pressure. We’ll look at both external and internal causes of stress. Chronic stress affects the fear center of the brain which becomes constantly activated. Our bodies react to stress by releasing stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol to switch us into fight or flight mode.

We’ll look at ways we can reduce the impact stress has on our body, mind, heart, and emotions through the awareness, understanding, and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. We’ll discover and explore how we can become more resilient.

August 6th Co-hosts:
Terry Matthews & Debi Rappaport

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