Self Care Online February 2023
Upcoming Online Self Help

3 Days of Self Help

When: Friday, February 24th @ 9AM EST (New York time)

Presented in English by Sara Harper & Kelly Mount

This Self Help Class will help everyone renew their daily PRACTICE with new “AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING and PRACTICAL APPLICATION.” (Text 1 Page 2) There is a reason Jin Shin Jyutsu is referred to as an Art and why the word PRACTICE is incorporated in the word PRACTITIONER. A practitioner is defined as a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession.

We will find new ways of seeing, sensing and hearing Mary Burmeister’s 3 Self Help Books through the Art of PRACTICE. The true path to wisdom is through experience. This will be a 3 Day experiential Self Help Class where the books will come alive within each one of us. Discover who you are becoming in this breath